I hope this section answers some of the questions you might have. Of course, I would love to answer any other questions you or your partner may be thinking about.

What does a doula do?



My job is to support you during your pregnancy, labor, and immediate postpartum period. I strongly believe in relational support. I want to get to know both you and your partner so I will know the best ways to serve you. I absolutely am not here to take the place of your partner. I want to make it so your partner can serve you and love you the way they know best while I take care of the other things.

Does a doula replace my partner at my birth?


Absolutely not. I will be able to get you and your partner water, ice, food, hot packs, cold packs, whatever you need so that your partner doesn't have to leave your side for the little things.  By doing these things, I allow your partner to be there in whatever way you need them at the time.  We have different roles in the birth space, and I always work hard to make sure that your partner is there for you and is taken care of.

What's the difference between a midwife/obgyn and a doula?


Midwives/OBGYNs are highly trained medical professionals and are responsible for monitoring you and your baby during labor and delivery.  They will perform all medical tasks and assist in the delivery of your baby and placenta.  Doulas do not perform any kind of medical tasks.  Doulas are there for emotional support as well as for pain coping techniques and positioning techniques to help you manage your labor.

What kind of birth settings do you support?

I can offer support in a hospital, birth center, or home birth setting.  I do not offer support to a planned unassisted birth.

What kind of support should I expect before and after my birth?

You can expect to find support in the prenatal and postpartum appointments. It will look like discussing your desires for your birth and the ways that I can play a part in helping you achieve those desires.  I will also be available by text, phone call, or email to offer support and answer questions throughout your pregnancy.  Lots of times little things pop up here and there throughout your pregnancy and I'll be available to help talk through those things with you or point you in the right direction of someone who can help you.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

When I am on call, I will have my phone turned on with the volume on high.  If you call me in the middle of the night to come and meet you then I will.  Labor happens whenever it wants and as a birth worker I know that and am prepared to be able to serve you whenever that may be.

What happens if I need to transfer to a hospital or need c-section?

If you are planning an out of hospital birth and a transfer becomes necessary, then I will get in my car and follow you to the hospital.  I will continue to offer continuous support to you in the hospital setting.

I already know I don't want a natural birth. How can a doula still help me?


Lots of people plan to have an epidural and that is okay.   My job is to support your birth choices, whatever those look like.  A doula can still help you with positioning in the hospital bed to help baby descend.  I will also be able to take care of your physical wants such as getting water for you to drink or a cool wash cloth for your head. Also, as always, I am there to provide emotional support for the entire family.

What does a doula NOT do?  

A doula does not perform any medical procedure or offer any medical advice.  Those roles are specifically reserved for the medical professionals you have hired.             

Why is a doula worth the cost?

Your husband will thank you later.

Still have questions? I would love the opportunity to talk with you in more detail.

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