Why is birth hard?

Fall is finally here.  I love it.  I want to spend every waking moment outside.  So naturally, yesterday morning I met up with some friends at the park.  We were walking with our kids pushing them all along in their strollers.  We began to talk about birth, the pain, and the hard work that it involved.

Why is birth hard?

Just because something is hard doesn't mean it is bad or unimportant.  When Jesus knew his death was coming He cried out to God saying,  " Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."  Luke 22:42.  Dying for our sins was hard.  We see in scripture that Jesus wanted God to take the responsibility from him but he knew it was important and good so he did it, even though it was hard.  It was necessary though.  If Jesus didn't die then we wouldn't have the gift of salvation.  The gift that made us a new creation in Christ.  The pain and the sacrifice had a purpose, a very important purpose.

Birth is hard work.  It can be filled with pain and exhaustion and your body doing things you didn't even know that your body was capable of, and that can be kind of scary.  At the end of birth though, you are a new creation.  You are a mother.  You are strong and empowered and fierce.  The pain and the sacrifice had a purpose, a very important purpose.  

Parenting is hard work.   Some days you don't know what is up, down, left, or right.  There are plenty of sleepless nights and moments of frustration and worry, but the joy.  The joy and love are fierce and strong and powerful.  Sometimes, these emotions are so intense they can take your breath away, very much like some of the emotions or sensations that you may feel in birth.  Parenting is full of sacrifices and painful moments, but they shape us as parents and as people.  They help us grow to be the best version of ourselves.  This is important because we are the ones who are entrusted with these precious souls, and it is our responsibility to help shape them to be good people that choose love over hate, choose peace over fear, and so many other hard choices made right.  The pain and the sacrifice had a purpose, a very important purpose.

It makes sense that birth is hard because the journey of parenthood is a hard one.  Birth being hard seems like the logical first step into the world of parenthood.  Every hard moment shapes you, stretches you, and molds you.  We always look back at the hardest times in our lives and through we may remember the pain, I believe even more so, we remember the triumph and the lessons learned in those hard times.  More than birth is hard though, it is strong and empowering, beautiful and encompassed with love; these aspects of birth are all ingrained into the fiber of motherhood.  Hard isn't always bad.  Sometimes hard is the best, most important thing that we could go through because of the ultimate goal and the greater purpose.