Cara a.

As a first time mom,  I had no experience with breastfeeding.  I didn't read a book or take a class.  I thought it was something that just happened naturally, I was wrong.  My son had a 6 day stay in the NICU so I was unable to hold him and nurse him while in the hospital.  I never had the opportunity to work with the lactation specialist.  So,  I am finally at home and my son had been on a feeding tube for the first week of his life so he was not use to having to work for his food.  After struggling for a couple of days,  I reached out to Brooke.  She spent an hour with me and that's all I needed.  She got him to latch successfully.  Brooke guided me through the process showing and telling me exactly what to do.  Brooke was patient and comforting during this struggle. She is truly great at what she does and has a passion for women's health and motherhood.

Deborah G.

As someone who is familiar with birth, and the nature of a doula I would highly recommend Brooke to be by your side.  With my own knowledge of birth,  I thought that my competence would be enough to serve my sister (a single mom), and help her to achieve the birth she so desired.  I called Brooke when the emotions began to navigate my decision making, and she quickly came to the rescue.  She provided continual support, prayers, and guidance.  She not only gave support for my sister, but was very consistent about ensuring my family waiting, and all those involved, were peaceful and were at rest with the birth and process as well.  Doulas are not only a caregiver for a husband, but for all family involved, for the mother, and the support system.  Brooke was phenomenal in her knowledge and presence of grace for my family, and I can't wait to use her again! 

Lenzi H.

As I sit here laying in bed and starring at my little love in her bassinet, I cant help but get emotional as I realize it was exactly a month ago almost to the minute that I needed Brooke more than ever. That means my labor was really starting to get intense. But lets start at the beginning because everyone knows a doula is only a good investment for when it’s the really hard time of labor right…wrong.

Brooke fell beautifully into my lap one day while looking for a photographer for her son’s 6 months pictures. She decided to give me a test run with a mini session. I informed her that I was pregnant during our email. The next few days past and I finally met Brooke, Tyler and Baylor and fell in love with them. As we talked more about pregnancy after the shoot she informed me she was a doula. Of course, my mind went straight to you “no drug using, granola crunching, we are not going to get along on pregnancy talk lady”, but hey, I will listen.

I love when you judge something before you should. God will usually give you a good come to Jesus meeting for it. Well, that’s exactly what happened. As my friendship grew with Brooke the person, I started to want to know about Brooke the doula and later I finally understood they are one in the same. But I needed it in parts. I had a hard situation when my husband was out of town and I reached out to Brooke. The best part is she kept the Lord the focus of EVERYTHING we ever talked about. That’s really when I saw her heart and the desire for what she does. 

THAT is what changed my mind to want her as my doula. I walked into it informing her that I wanted that epidural as quickly as they would give it. I never felt judged. I never felt stupid. I always felt educated about ALL my options from delivery, to breastfeeding, to dealing with post partum depression, which was my greatest fear with having a history of depression. What has been amazing is since I had Brooke for all those months before I haven’t suffered from anything! Now that doesn’t mean I won’t, but the best part is if I do, I know who I can call.

She was there for literally everything. Every panic attack of how will I be a good mother, to text conversations of every weird (yes weird questions, they are ok to have), to crying of how scared I was of my world flipping upside down. Now even though all of those things are wonderful the best part is what she did for my husband.

Savannah Wynne Birth-Savannah Wynne Birth-0090.jpg

My husband has never had a child before. Men will admit it, if they are honest; they are just as nervous or more nervous than we are about that delivery room. Brooke did the most perfect job of keeping Justin calm, coaching Justin on how to help me when things got really really bad. She also kept us on track of our plans that we wanted for the delivery room. If I hadn't had her, it wouldn’t have been the perfect experience I have always dreamed of.  When I received my pictures back from Deborah Lynn Photography of the delivery, yes I was excited to see pictures of my daughter, but the ones that mean the most are Brooke holding my hand as I cried, or her and my husband praying over me. That is what makes the pictures of my daughter so precious. I know she was prayed for and loved and because of Brooke it made it PERFECT. 

No parent wants anything to go wrong with his or her child. Our little doll had to go into the NICU right after because she quit breathing. Brooke’s job could have been done, but it wasn’t. She was one of the FIRST ones at the hospital, one of the first to call, and the first to pray and help me deal with all the crazy emotions and fears that were going thru my head. She was my rock. She was my place of peace. She was a doula. She still contacts me to check on us and just to love on us. 

I hope if you are reading this its because you are considering hiring her as your doula. I can promise you, it is the best money spent. Because when you have the security, love and guidance that makes pregnancy, delivery and post delivery perfect, you realize you would pay it ten times over.


I was a single mom during the pregnancy and birth of my son.  Brooke was assertive, comforting, and very encouraging.  She gave me such reassurance in the toughest moments and stepped into my birth space with such incredible confidence.  She has such a heart for expectant moms and postpartum moms.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone.  She adds an immeasurable amount of support and strength to your birth experience.

Sarah G.