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My name is Brooke Harralson.  I was born and raised in Louisiana and have been living in North Fort Worth/Keller/Roanoke area for about 7 years now.  I married my best friend, Tyler, and we have 2 precious kids.  We have a full of life toddler named Baylor and a beautiful baby girl named Autumn.  We also have a little, fluffy dog named Peaches.  I think open and honest communication is so important, so much so that I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Louisiana Tech University.  I love trying out new recipes, baking, and discovering new ways to holistically heal my body's autoimmune conditions.  I love to sit in a rocking chair or a swing and just be able to soak in the sunshine or cool breeze. Mountains or oceans, sitting next to either and just soaking it in is perfect to me. I greatly value quality time with the people that I love.  I enjoy hosting play dates and throwing parties.  Friends and good food is always a good time in my book.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.
— Maya Angelou

Why am I a doula?

During my first pregnancy, I began to do a lot of research about birth and it led me to want to make changes in my maternity care.  When my husband and I talked about changing care providers, we reached out to our family members, much like many people do since pregnancy is often journeyed through with family.  Unfortunately, we were met with a lot of hesitation and resistance.  I had a very hard time with this because I couldn't understand why my support system wasn't trusting in our choices or trusting in my body's ability to birth. I did end up switching care providers at 34 weeks, and we experienced a beautiful, natural birth in the hospital.  However, even after a great birth, I was still having a hard time with my family's opposition. Birth is such a multidimensional process;  it stretches us and grows up physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  We need support in all of those different areas when we are on the journey of bringing a baby into this world. My heart's desire is for people to feel confident and supported in the decisions they are making for their body, birth, and baby.  I want people to know there is someone there to support them through the entire process even if you are feeling opposition from places where you expected full support.  I would be so honored if you choose to allow me to walk through this amazing, transformative experience with you.