My job is to support you during your pregnancy, labor, and immediate postpartum period.  I strongly believe in relational support.  I want to get to know both you and your partner so I will know the best ways to serve you.  I absolutely am not here to take the place of your partner.   I want to make it so your partner can serve you and love you the way they know best while I take care of other things.

During labor,  I will assist you with positioning, counter pressure, massage, and breathing exercises, just to name few.  I will be able to get you and your partner water, ice, food, hot packs, cold packs, whatever you need so that your partner doesn't have to leave your side for the little things.  Nurses, midwives, and assistants have a lot of responsibilities and sometimes need to leave to take care of other aspects of the birth so they can't always stay in the room with you the whole time whereas I will be there offering continuous support throughout your labor.  I know that you were designed for this and that your body is completely capable of bringing your baby into this world and I will be there to remind you of that.

what does a doula do?

  • Supports the birth you want

  • Helps you deal with the unexpected

  • Serves as a big support for your partner

  • Ensures you have the opportunity to speak your wishes

  • Can help you get settled into your birth space

  • Makes it less likely you will use medication

  • Reduces your chance of a cesarean

  • Offers emotional and physical support

  • Provides resources during prenatal and postpartum visits